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North-Korea newest member of the FEI

One of the most isolated countries in the world, North Korea, is the newest member of the FEI, the International Equestrian Federation. The data system of the FEI shows that North Korea has been a member since 2018. Although this country has now become a member of the FEI, there are no riders, horses, officials or competitions yet registered.

GOMES Media asked the FEI for an explanation, with the following statement: ‘The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (PRK) was welcomed as a full member of the FEI at the General Assembly in Bahrain on 20 November 2018, having completed the affiliation process. This was the most recent affiliation, bringing the number of National Federations affiliated to the FEI up to 134.’

‘FEI Membership is open to the one national governing body from any country which is effectively in control of or is in a position to effectively control at least the Olympic equestrian disciplines, supported by its National Olympic Committee.’ Says the press officer of the FEI.

Although the country is now registered at the FEI, it seems unlikely that North Korean riders or officials will be active as the country is under strict restrictions from the leader Kim Jong-un.

Source: GOMES Media

General photo: GOMES Media


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